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Amanda & Richard Johnson

We are husband and wife and we are collaborating artists. Amanda is a composer and classically trained violinist; Richard is a visual artist specializing in the use of experimental mark making techniques.


Our art combines imagery, music and sound. We make it in response to the stories of and often in conjunction with people who are marginalized, forgotten or ignored but who face some of society’s biggest issues.


Since the inception of our collaborative practice in 2013 we have completed 3 years worth of residencies. We have worked with partners including the National Trust and the British Library. Our work has been shown at festivals in Yorkshire and Derbyshire and in venues across the UK including the National Media Museum and the Glasgow Centre for Contemporary Art. Our work has been broadcast on radio in Switzerland, New York and Cornwall. Three of our larger works are in public collections and in 2018 we were recognised by the Government for our work on the First World War commemorations.


In 2019 we worked with refugees who had recently arrived in the UK. The artwork we made as a result, My Sister’s Scarf, sought to draw attention to their stories by focusing on the objects they brought with them.


Amanda was recently awarded a scholarship by the Finzi Trust to explore how her Romany Gypsy ancestry influences her work. The scholarship will involve a 3-week residency at the Romany festival of Saint Sarah in Southern France and will result in a new piece of music inspired by it.


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